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Maritime know-how since 1950 –
owner-managed and competent.

This is Schlüssel Reederei.

Schlüssel Reederei was founded in November 1950 as an owner-managed company and has been successful in the international shipping business ever since, with shipping investments and expert services for its own and third party vessels.

The shipping company has many years of experience in the management of seagoing vessels and in the projection and realisation of shipping investments with private and institutional investors.


During these almost 70 years, Schlüssel Reederei has operated and managed more than 100 ships (bulk carriers, tankers, container and multipurpose vessels).


In October 2012, Schlüssel Reederei acquired Harmstorf & Co., a Hamburg-based shipping company. Since then, the shipping company Harmstorf & Co. has taken over the nautical-technical and operational management of the ships managed by the group.


Schlüssel Reederei is a subsidiary of SR Schlüssel Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen. This company is still owned today by two of the founding families, who are actively committed to the shipping company.


Schlüssel Reederei – your key to the sea!